w582 Pastille





w582 pastille can be described as a pure disc of light, attached to a thin line – a construction that allows a variety of ‘surfaces’ to be illuminated. Different to task lamps that illuminate in a focused way; or table and pendant lamps that provide ambient light; w182 pastille sees environments as surfaces to softly illuminate a wall, a floor or a table. It is able to freely articulate between these surfaces by rotating up, down and around. It is a gentle light that is complimentary to interiors, that reflects how we would like to live and work. w182 pastille is made of a high-performance material. A bio-polyamide that is based on over 60% biologically sourced and recyclable material from the castor plant.


材料 Solid fiberglass reinforced biopolyamide
尺寸 7.9"W X 6.6"D X 15.9"H
Lamping 6 Watts LED, 2700K
Origin Berlin
Designer Birk UXUI
Color Wall Bracket, Clamp Base, Floor Lamp